All bright shiny and new

Last week we went over to our still maker Frilli Implanti in Northern Italy for a pre delivery inspection of our 3 pot stills.

Mark Short, our Distillery Manager and Michael Corry were able to spend a couple of days looking over the equipment and imagining how it will look when installed down in Ebrington Square here is Derry, and to dream about the day when it is commissioned and polished and ready to rock and roll.

We have also bought a gin still and we will be growing botanicals on site in the distillery garden for use in our own gin. So exciting times for everyone at The Quiet Man, and wonderful times for Mark and Michael sitting on the old square in Sienna drinking lovely red wine and eating their bodyweight in pasta every night and to think they have the cheek to want paid as well !!

I don’t know what the world is coming to.

But not all was sweetness and light, they flew into Pisa and while the tower leaned but did not fall, another part of the world caved in on them as somehow they managed to incur the wrath of the car hire company and incur a €500 fine for “damaging a tire”.

Our two caped crusaders could see no damage, but the eagle eyed and no doubt commission based staff at the return desk at Pisa airport swore it was there and would not let them go until they paid the €500 fine. Demanding money with menaces is another way to put it.

All in a day’s work in whiskey world.