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No one is born a gentleman, it’s a status we simply acquire over time. If we are encouraged by good people with strong values we stand a greater chance of making the grade. In a lifetime spent working behind the bar, John Mulgrew stayed true to the barman’s code and told no tales. He also stayed true to his own code and did no harm to anyone and reached out to help where he could. It was that greater code that truly defined him as a gentleman.



Hi, my name’s Ciaran Mulgrew. I’m the founder of The Quiet Man. You may be wondering where that name comes from. Well, therein lies a tale…

My father, John Mulgrew, spent 50 years working as a barman in the pubs of Belfast. Sometimes he took me to work with him.

I remember the smell of the whiskey and the craic and the laughter. Even back then I was proud of my father. He had this quiet way about him which people seemed to respect.

A bartender sees a lot of things and hears a lot of stories, but
my father told no tales. It was the barman’s code, and he took
it seriously.

So when I started making my own whiskey many years later, there was only one person I could name it after: my auld fella, John Mulgrew, The Quiet Man, or as we say in Irish, ‘An Fear Ciuin’.
Since these beginnings, we’ve been honored by awards and medals across the globe, from the USA, Europe, China, and of course, at home in Ireland.

To this day The Quiet Man remains Irish owned and operated, and proudly independent, just like our fathers taught us to be.

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We are based in Derry on Ireland’s North West coast and our home town has a long history of whiskey production. Up until the end of the 19th century there was more whiskey produced in Derry than any other city on earth, but the last of the town’s three distilleries closed in 1921 and the ancient craft died out…until now.

When The Quiet Man Craft Distillery opens, it will be the first new distillery to have been built in Derry in almost 200 years. We would love to show you around. Click below to learn more or register for updates on upcoming tours.